• Web designing

    Our team of professional web designers have years of experience in developing world class websites. Based on your specific needs our core team of developers can help your business grow on the internet.

    We also provide SEO techniques to your projects to make your mark in the online world.


    Web designing
  • Digital Evidence Analyst


    Cyber crime is on the rise and we are provide support and consultation from our team of Cyber Crime Investigators. These DEAs can help you prevent or investigate your cyber cirme issues.


    Digital Evidence Analyst
  • Medical Transcription



    Medical Transcription
  • Internet Marketing

    Every company needs internet marketing. We have a team of professionals skilled in marketing your business as per your requirements.

    Advertising on Twitter. Get followers & retweets
    Get likes to your facebook pages or votes to your contest.
    Get amazon reviews, article rewrites & niche blog post.


    Internet Marketing
  • Avast Antivirus

    We are proud resellers of AVAST ANTIVIRUS. AVAST is perfectly suiltable for any computer from Celeron to i7. Avast uses less resources and gives you full protectionm agains viruses and malwares.

    All latest versions of avast are availabe.


    Avast Antivirus


Team Work

We have worked as a team for many years. The professionals that are at work with us are great team players and we are proud of them.


These team players are highly motivated with proper incentives and support whenever they excel at their projects. Their daily tasks are monitored and evaluated personally.


Ruhatek.com maintains high level of confidentiality in every project it undertakes.


Our clients are very satisfied with our level of commitment and confidentiality. Client privacy is of our highest priority and we personally make sure that every employee working for us follow the set of guidelines given to maintain this standard.

Tech Support

We also provide tech support to our employees that wish to work from home on our projects. The highly trained skillset of these technical support staff help us achieve our goals. If you work on Tally or Forex we have solutions for all of your needs.

Our servers hardly face a downtime as our tech support staff works round the clock to maintain 24/7 uptime.



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