American Football PS5 Console and DualSense Controller Skin Vinyl Sticker Decal Cover, Suitable for Playstation 5 Console and Controller, Durable, Scratch-Resistant, Disk Version (4661)

Price: $16.99

1) 【Premium materials】High-quality vinyl stickers. It can protect your devices from scratches, fading, and peeling. Durable, will not fade chapped.
2) 【Super HD】We use the most advanced printing equipment (Seiko GS1024) to ensure high-definition images. Unlike other products on the market, only we can print 4K resolution images.
3) 【 High-quality adhesive】Strong adhesion, no foaming, no shrinkage, no warping. There will be no residue when torn off.
4) 【Copyright Protection】Each of our patterns is officially authorized. So the price may be slightly higher than other competing products. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Package contains
-1 x Ps5 console skin (2 sides)
-2 x Ps5 controller appearance

1) Clean the surface as thoroughly as possible. Rub with alcohol on a lint-free cloth to remove grease or other contaminants. Most non-stick problems are caused by some kind of oil or grease on the equipment before installation.
2) Peel off a piece of skin from the paper liner. Do not let the adhesive surface touch anything.
3) Determine the placement location. Starting from the corner, apply the skin (sticker) to the surface with your fingers, and then press it over the entire surface.
4) If a piece is Posted crooked, you can gently lift it and Repeat the paste.
5) Please gently squeeze out the air bubbles generated during installation.,

【PREMIUM MATERIALS】Made of high-grade polyvinyl chloride. Which can perfectly protect your ps5 from scratches and dust without affecting heat dissipation.
【ADVANCED PRINTING】4K resolution laser printing, sharpness surpasses other 1080P resolution printing on the market. Coupled with an anti-oxidation coating to ensure that the color will never fade.
【QUICK INSTALL】Installation takes just 10 minutes, even if you paste them crooked, you can re-paste them until you are satisfied.
【PACKAGE CONTAINS】1 x PS5 console stickers(for 2 sides) + 2 x PS5 controller skins.