GOTRUTH Replacement Repair Kits for PS5, D-pad + Touchpad Share Options + R1 L1 Trigger + ABXY Bullet Button, Full Set Buttons for Playstation 5 DualSense Controller (Gold)

Price: $12.69

HIGH QUALITY: Perfect fit for PS5 DualSense controller, replace your old or defective original PS5 buttons.
COMPATIBILITY: Designed for Sony PlayStation 5 controllers only.
PACKAGE INCLUDE: 4 x ABXY Buttons, 1 x D-pad Button, 1 x Touchpad, 1 x L1 Button, 1 x R1 Button, 1 x Share Button, 1 x Options Button, 2 x Thumbstick Rings.
MAXIMUM GAMING EXPERIENCE: With textured and larger contact surface design, these PS5 controller buttons provide better control, which reduces hand and thumb fatigue. It will take your game experience to a better level.
PERSONALIZED DESIGN: Available in much different color so you can create a truly unique looking controller personalized to you!
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