Kinhank Retro Game Console,Super Console X Cube with 50,000+ Video Games, Classic Mini Gaming Systems for TV,Plug and Play,Compatible with PS1/PSP/DC/MAME etc,Support 4K HD/AV Output

Price: $94.99

Product Description

Number of games
61000+games 62000+games 50000+games 50000+games 61000+games

Latest EmuELEC 4.3/Android 9.0/CoreELEC 3 Systems in 1 Latest EmuELEC 4.3/Android 9.0/CoreELEC 3 Systems in 1 Game&TV Systems in 1 upgrade EmuELEC WIN 11 Pro&Batocrea 30 system in1

4K HD Output

1-5 Players 1-5 Players 1-5 Players 1-4 Players 1-12 Players

Game collection
60+ Emulators 60+ Emulators 54+ Emulators 52+ Emulators 104+ Emulators

S922X S905X3 S905M S905 Intel Celeron J4125

Video Game Console Super Console X Cube Built-in 52+emulators with 50000+games

Classic retro video game console,super console x cube.built-in 52+emulators with 50000+gamesClassic retro video game console,super console x cube.built-in 52+emulators with 50000+games

“Childhood Memories”, Right Here!

KINHANK’S latest retro video game console has built-in 50000+ classic retro games and 50+ emulators, which can perfectly run PS1 /PSP /DC /NDS /MAME etc. Supports saving game progress, supports adding games by yourself, and finding your childhood Memory, game clearance, no longer difficult!

Owning it is equivalent to owning multiple retro game consoles

Prefect for PS1/PSP/N64/DC/MAME etc

Prefect for PS1/PSP/N64/DC/MAME etc

50000+ calssic retro games

50000+ calssic retro games

Support HD (1080P*720P) high-definition output

Support HD (1080P*720P) high-definition output

Pre-installed 52+Emulators

super console x cube With an upgraded S905 CPU chip, the console is built-in more than 50+ Emulators, compatible with PS1 /PSP /DC /MAME /MD/GBC /GBA /SFC etc, which you can download and save at its Memory Card

50000+ Classic Games, Plug and Play

Built-in 50000+ Classic Retro Games, Plug and Play, massive games will take you to relive your childhood.

HD Output

This retro game console is connected by HD cable, you can use it on TVs, computers, projectors and other devices with HD interface, no need to connect to the Internet, plug and play, easy to use. 4K HD display, enjoy the fun of the game with family and friends.

With 4 USB 2.0 ports,support up to 4 players

Support up to 4 playersSupport up to 4 players

Kinhank’s newest video game console Super Console X Cube has four 2.0 USB ports, Supports four people to play online at the same time, Relive “childhood memories” and enjoy “classic retro games” with family and friends.

Product size and key introductionProduct size and key introduction

Equipped with 2.4GHz wireless controllerEquipped with 2.4GHz wireless controller Equipped with 2.4GHz wireless controller

Equipped with two 2.4Ghz wireless game controllers. the connection distance of the controller is 8-10 meters. Support up to 5 players at the same time, you can remotely control and enjoy the game on the sofa with your family or friends.

Mini size ,Rich interface Mini size

palm size:12.5×10.7×4

Steps to Download the Game

1. Please download DiskGenius.exe first.

2. Download game files.

3. Connect the TF Card to the computer with a card reader.

4. Copy the game files to the corresponding folder of roms(the name of the emulator).

5. Insert the card into the console, and then connect the console and turn it on.

6. Find your game and start playing.

strong heat dissipation performance

strong heat dissipation performance

available in multiple languages

available in multiple languages

S905 Chip

S905 Chip

strong heat dissipation performance

Super console x cube with large internal heat sink, the large heat sink built-in machine makes the heat dissipation more even.

available in multiple language

The new and upgraded retro console is available to global gamers , supports 26 local languages switching, including English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and more.

Upgrade S905 Chip

Equipped with an upgrade S905 chip,this chip is more powerful than RK3326, with a 64-bit 4-core Mail-450 graphics processor

🎮RICH CLASSIC RETRO GAMES – More than 50,000+ retro classic games & 54+ emulators are built in Kinhank Super console X Cube Retro Game Console to relive your childhood memories.This Video Game Console Also Support TF Card Expansion to Add More Games.
🎮SUPER 4K VISUAL EXPERIENCE – Supporting HD/AV(1080P/720P) Output and 26 Languages,Super Console X Cube Game System is Easy to Set Up,Simply Plug and Play,and You can Enjoy Retro Gaming Fun with Your Friends on 4K TV.With WIFI/LAN Connection,You can also Watch TV on This Gaming Console.
🎮SUPERIOR SMOOTH GAMING PERFORMANCES – Equipped with Upgraded S905X Chip,Super Console X Cube Emulator Console is Compatible with DC,PSP,PS1,ect 54+ emulators and Runs Them Smoothly on Open Source Linux System Emuelec without the Problem of Low Frame Rates.Enjoy Hours of Retro Gaming Fun with Your Family on This Consola De Videojuegos.
🎮SHARE YOUR HAPPINESS WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Super Console X Cube Support Multiplayer Mode of Up to 5 Players at the Same Time.With the 2.4GHz Wireless Controllers,You can Play the Classic Retro Games from the Comfort of Your Sofa.
🎮WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE – If You Have Any Other Questions or Problems with This All in One Game Console,Please Let Us Know and We will Always be Happy to Help.
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