PS5 Console Skin and PS5 Controller Skins Set, Playstation 5 Skin Wrap Decal Sticker PS5 Digital Edition, Ven Decal Kit (Digital Edition)

Price: $21.99

Both PlayStation 5 Edition Skins vary by size. Please check your PlayStation 5 before ordering to make sure it fits.
DISK AND DIGITAL EDITION: Choose between the Disk Edition and Digital Edition consoles in various decal designs.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Premium machine cut vinyl film with adhesive tape to stick easily.
WEAR AND TEAR PROTECTION: Avoid scratches and dust from everyday use. Provides best basic protection while looking good.
4 STEP INSTALLATION: Simply wipe the console for dust, peel the adhesive paper, align the edge and stick slowly from one side to the other.
EASY REMOVAL: If you choose to remove skin just slowly peel from the edge until completely off leaving no residue.