PS5 Controller Charger, Playstation 5 Controller Charging Station with LED Light

Price: $18.99

Product Description

PS5 Controller Charger StationPS5 Controller Charger Station

PS5 Dual ChargerPS5 Dual Charger

PS5 Charging DockPS5 Charging Dock

PS5 Controller ChargerPS5 Controller Charger

PS5 Controller Charger Station – It keeps your controller charged and it makes it look clean. This would be especially useful for those who have two controllers, and game a lot, since you could always have one at full capacity and ready to go during those long-lasting gaming sessions.
Fast Charging – Please use the 5V 2A wall adapter for it’s power which is ideal to keep controllers fully charged and ready to go. It takes 4 hours to charge 2 controllers fully.
Easy to Use – It’s easy to setup and adds convenience to the charging process. You simply set the PS5 controller on the port and they automatically begin charging!
PS5 Controller Dock LED – It is smart and simple. The charging status is seen from your PS5 controller. When it is charging, your ps5 controller will turn orange. When it is charged fully, your ps5 controller turns blue light. The blue light of the charging dock is a atmosphere light and it is not used to see the charging status.
Matched Color – It’s a good looking charging station to match the Sony PlayStation 5 console. Great PS5 accessories for your dualsense wireless controller.