PS5 PlayStation 5 Digital and Disk Version Game Accessories, Vertical Stand Console Cooling Fan, Dual Charging Dock with 3 USB HUB Charger Ports

Price: $29.99

Vertical Charging Stand with Cooling Fan for PlayStation 5

Cooling System
-The Dual Cooling Fans provide the right amount of airflow to prevent your PS5 console from overheating from long hours of playing. The air flows from the bottom of the stand and through the top of the PS5 to dissipate heat from the bottom of the console

Charging Station
-Dual Charging Docks for PS5 controllers with Light Indicator to know the charging status at glance
-If more than two controllers are kept, then this stand also has 2 USB ports to allow for addition charging. Never be left without uncharged controllers for friends and family

Design and Compatibility
-The stand saves room on your desk by storing your PS5 console and controllers vertically. Keep your controllers organized and fully charged on the same stand as your PS5
-Compatible with both versions/editions of the PS5, the Digital and Disk editions
-Very simple assembly for Digital Edition, only clip the long triangular piece to the stand and place your console on top
-For the Disk Version, simply take the long triangular piece out and place the console onto the stand
-No need for a power cord, the stand connects straight to the PS5

-The Consoles and Controllers are NOT included

Space Saving Design: Keeps PS5 Vertical to save space on your desk. Plugs directly to the PS5 eliminating the need for a power cord.
Cooling System: Dual cooling fans, 3000RPN, with Power Button to keep your PS5 from overheating
Charging Station and USB ports: Dual TYPE-C Charging Dock for PS5 Controllers with Light Indicators. Red light when charging and Green light when fully charged. 2 HUB and 1 USB ports with powerful output for charging and date transferring
Compatibility: The Charging/Cooling Vertical stand is compatible with both PS5 console versions, PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Disk Edition. (Please Note: The Console and Controllers are NOT included)