PS5 Vertical Stand for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition & Ultra HD Console, Cooling Stand with Controller Charging Station & Suction Cooling System, PS5 Accessories with Headset Holder, 15 Game Slots

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Product Description

Cooling Fan Stand for PlayStation 5 & Vertical StandCooling Fan Stand for PlayStation 5 & Vertical Stand


Item Size(L×W×H): 8.8×12.8×1.7 Inch(22.5×32.7×4 cm)

Maximum fan speed: 4000 PRM

Maximum air volume: 12.6 CFM

Charging Time: 2.5-3 Hours for Dual PS5 Controller

Switch: LED Touching Button

-2 Cooling Fans: Effective heat dissipation, prevent your game console from overheat.

-Dual Controller Charge Dock + 3 Extra USB Hub Ports to connect different devices and transfer data.

-With LED Indicators Light: When Charging controllers turns red, when fully charged it turns green.

Two cooling fans 4000RPMTwo cooling fans 4000RPM

Vertical Stand for PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console

Vertical Stand for PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console

Cooling System for PS5 PlayStation 5 Console

Cooling System for PS5 PlayStation 5 Console

15 Game Slots for PlayStation 5 Console

15 Game Slots for PlayStation 5 Console

All-In-One for PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console

All-In-One for PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console

High Speed Charging

Dual controller charge dock + 3 extra USB hub ports to connect different devices and transfer data.

2 Cooling System

2 Cooling fans system effectively prevent your PS5 game console from overheat.

15 Game Slots

Saving space and keep neat. Put your PS5 vertically, which takes less space and keeps clean.

For PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console

Metal bottom keep PS5 console cool through playing all the day and night.

Intended Use

PS5 COOLING STAND Put your console / new base to allow airflow. PS5 GAMING ORGANIZER Organize PS5 accessories – PS5 gaming disc, headset and others intact. LONGER WORKING The cooling fan/cooling system keep your game console working longer. USB PORTS There’s also extra USB’s out the front which can be used to charge extra devices like your phone. HANDY Keep your favorite games for a quick grab.

Why Need a Cooling Station Stand for Your PS5 Console?

PS5 console is horizontal, which takes up a lot of space, leaves your desktop with no room for anything else, or looks crowded and messy. But this vertical stand/cooling station which allows you place your console vertically, saving space and keep neat.

When you soak yourself in gaming and still keep your console on, it possibly can cause the console overheating problem after long hours of game playing. Our dual console stand comes with 2 cooling fans, can take out the heat from the bottom of console.

If you have more than one gaming controller, but you don’t have enough charger or charging cables, our PlayStation 5 stand is perfect for you, there are 2 charging stations give you more choices.

We are committed to maintain a high standard of quality management. Our main aim is to offer high-quality products to customers. All products are double tested before leaving our factory. You can purchase it with confidence.

For PS5 Digital Edition/Disc Edition Console: This vertical PS5 stand with gaming headset holder, 2 cooling fans and 2 wireless controller chargers and 15 game slots, 4 USB adapters, 2 USB hubs, 1 Type-C output port and 1 media remote holder for PlayStation 5.
Touch Screen Settings & Charging Indicator Light: Touch the LED power icon to power on. Recommended to use 5V/1.5-2A power adapter source to provide sufficient curren. Charge up to 2 controllers, the green light turned to red while actively charging and stays green when fully charged. Recharge two ps5 dual sense quickly at the same time.
Additional USB Ports: 2 additional USB HUB output ports support charging more PS5 controller and other devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, headset, etc. 1 Type-C input port can support powered for your PS5 controller by wall adapter when your PS5 console turn off.
Saving Space Design: Metal bottom helps you to keep PS5 console more stable. The stand minimizes the space taken up by the accessories by holding them in a vertical position and keeps the gaming area neat.
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